In 1989 BIOS AGROSYSTEMS SA became active as a company trading in propagation material, but it soon evolved into a seed producing company as well.
In 1995 it started producing cotton seeds and in 1996 it proceeded to produce seeds of the first variety that derived from the in-house research.
Since then, the company has been active in this sector, with a special emphasis on domestic cotton seed production.
At the same time, in 2002, it started cooperating with major cotton seed companies from around the globe in producing quantities of seeds of their varieties for them.

In 1997, BIOS AGROSYSTEMS SA started producing cereal seeds as well, while in 1999 it also included alfalfa and potatoes in its seed production programme.

In the last decade, company programmes have also included other species in its seed production programmes, such as vetch, soya and rapeseed.

Seed production procedures for all plant species are carried out in regions selected so as to provide excellent seed quality, and always in cooperation with conscientious farmers with seed production mentality.

BIOS AGROSYSTEMS SA has an independent Seed Production Department with permanent and seasonal personnel, who are knowledgeable and experienced in seed producing. It is worth noting that ALL seed production procedures are supervised by the Agronomists of the Seed Production Department, so that the quality required is guaranteed and always in compliance with the procedures of Quality Assurance standard ISO 9001:15.

Another important feature of the seed production procedure is that of maintaining varieties, where BIOS AGROSYSTEMS in cooperation with its external associates (geneticists and universities), provides such services so as to ensure the genetic identity and varietal purity of varieties cultivated, by producing propagating material (seeds) to be used in the future.