Research and Development Programmes

GSRT 05 PAV 359: (General Secretariat of Research and Technology-Biomass Production Project): ‘Research into cultivation methods and study into the quality characteristics of primary and secondary products among energy plants for the Production of Biofuel’

GSRT 05PV AMTH 28: (General Secretariat of Research and Technology-Variety Improvement Project): ‘Genetic improvement of cotton varieties to tolerate reduced water input’

NATIONAL RESEARCH PROJECT “SIMPLE”: ‘Integrated Processing of Bioethanol Production from Greek Lignocellulose Biomass’

EU Project FP7-KBBE-2008-2B “Crops2Industry”: Non-Food Crops-to-Industry schemes in EU27

EU project 727698 “MAGIC”: Marginal land for growing industrial crops: Turning a burden into an opportunity

EU project 773501 “PANACEA”: A thematic network to design the penetration PAth of Non-food Agricultural Crops into European Agriculture

EU “HORIZON 2020”: AΤ1EDK-00636 “Cofly”: Cognitional Operations of Micro Flying Vehicles.

NATIONAL RESEARCH PROJECT “VF2FARM: Development and Implementation of an Automated, Energy Autonomous, Indoor Vertical Hydroponic Cultivation System: Evaluation in Urban Agriculture and Greenhouse Cultivation Applications