Specific Gravity Cleaner

​They may be Air-table, Gravity and Destoning Separators.

Air-table separators are used for a wide range of applications to clean seeds or other grain materials (e.g., coffee, mastic, etc.). They use an air flow of specific intensity and direction, which allows for the classification and sorting of the material based on its weight.
Capacity range of models available: 0.5-50tn/h.

Gravity Separators are designed for thorough and fast quality sorting of most grainy materials. Sorting takes place on vibrating tables with a variable oscillation velocity and adjustable air supply.
Capacity range of models available: 2-20tn/h.

Destoning Separators are used to remove heavy foreign bodies, such a stones, metal, etc. from the material we want to process. Removal is achieved by using gravity separation that leads to fractional classification through the use of absorption fans                 
Capacity range of models available: 1 - 6 tn/h.

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