Corporate Profile

Established in 1989, BIOS AGROSYSTEMS SA focuses mainly on the production and trade in plant species varieties originating from genetic material from its own research or from its international and domestic associates. It is a member of ‘Redestos’ Efthymiadis Group of Companies.

In 2009, the company’s R&D activities to develop new varieties for the market were replaced by evaluating and maintaining varieties for third parties, through a specially designed extensive experimentation programme, alongside seed production and processing activities. This policy change allowed BIOS to develop strategic synergies with Public Agencies and Foundations as well as with major multi-nationals in the sector.

In 2016, the company re-launched trade activities, exclusively in the sector of vegetable seeds and mechanical equipment for the processing of agricultural products (mainly seeds). The main activities of BIOS are the following contractor services, either stand-alone or in combination:

  • Evaluation and maintenance of varieties for third parties
  • Seed production for third parties
  • Seed processing for third parties (processing may include all or some of the steps in the complete processing procedure to produce certified seeds for the market)
  • Commercialization of vegetable seeds
  • Supply of mechanical equipment for processing agricultural products to individual farmers or major enterprises in the sector

Evaluation of cultivated varieties for third parties (mainly cereals, alfalfa [lucerne] and cotton) to be sold either on the Greek market through other national distributors, or on markets in the general regions of South-East European and Eurasian.

Especially regarding cotton, since 2008, BIOS AGROSYSTEMS has been cooperating with PRIME GENETICS Inc., a USA company, and annually receives genetic material of cotton varieties to be evaluated. Furthermore, the company's wealth of experience in excellent seed production of planting seeds, combined with the advantage of its company-owned premises for seed processing at Koutso, Xanthi, has established BIOS as a regional seed-producing force in its sector.

BIOS AGROSYSTEMS has struck important contractual work deals for seed production or/and processing with major multi-national companies in the sector, as well as numerous Greek companies producing and trading in seeds for planting. Cooperating with multi-nationals in the sector has improved BIOS’s production operations as well as the products and services it provides, thereby guaranteeing the longevity and expansion of such cooperation.

In 2010 the company launched activities in Turkey by promoting cotton varieties originating from the USA (PRIME GENETICS Inc.). In 2014, BIOS launched consulting services for cotton production in Azerbaijan. Similar activities were launched in 2017 in Russia and Uzbekistan.

Through its many years of operation and its experts’ accumulated experience, the company has established a name for itself as a seed company providing high quality products and reliable services. To provide value for its clients, great effort is made to continuously update them on quality control for company products and the commercial potential of these results.

The Company’s Quality Policy reflects its commitment to all the above