Economic Data

Of the total land area used for seed production in Greece, BIOS AGROSYSTEMS holds the following percentile points (approximately) per plant species:

- Cotton ~50%
- Cereals ~2%
- Alfalfa ~15%
- Vetch ~ 8%

The seed quantities processed at BIOS AGROSYSTEMS and annually certified per plant species are the following:

- Cotton ~ 5.000 τόνοι
- Cereals ~ 1.500 τόνοι
- Alfalfa ~ 120 τόνοι
- Vetch ~ 150 τόνοι

As for its financial performance, BIOS has ~ 22-25% of the total turnover of seed production and processing (~ €9,500,000 of the €41,000,000).

Another important feature of the seed production procedure is that of maintaining varieties; BIOS AGROSYSTEMS, in cooperation with its external associates (geneticists and universities), provides such services so as to ensure the genetic identity and varietal purity of varieties cultivated, by producing propagating material (seeds) to be used in the future.