Quality Control

Quality Control procedures are undertaken by the fully equipped laboratory and its exceptionally qualified personnel, making it possible for all interested parties to receive valid and reliable results concerning the quality of seeds they produce and/or trade in.

All tests concerning the suitability and certification of planting seeds are carried out in accordance with Greek Law and supplementary quality controls. These are the actual laboratory tests undertaken:

• Warm germination test
• Cold germination test
• Accelerated ageing test
• Measuring Moisture, Temperature, Specific Weight, Mechanical Damage
• Free Fatty acid testing of oil-seeds
• Seed viability test (Tetrazolium test)
• Seed pH determination
• Determination of specific seed purity
• Detection and Determination of weed seeds
• Insect infestation check
• Determination of 100-litre weight & weight of 1000 grains

The implementation of the ISO 9001:2015 standard is an integral part of seed processing procedures.