Factory Plant

The BIOS AGROSYSTEMS SA seed processing industrial plant has been operating since 2006 at Koutso, Xanthi, in an area of 10 hectares [about 25 acres] and covered areas of 1,2 hectares [around 3 acres]. It is a modern technology plant for processing all the seeds of species cultivated in Greece, focusing on cotton seed delinting, making it one of the largest plants in Europe. Since 2000, an ISO Quality Assurance system has been implemented to seed production and seed processing procedures.

The plant has 12 permanent employees and 20 seasonal workers. The plant uses cutting-edge technology for the chemical delinting of cotton seeds, as well as the cleaning, treatment and packaging process of all types of planting seeds.


Constant investments and improvements to mechanical equipment, combined with the fully qualified personnel, guarantee that excellent quality services are provided in the seed processing sector. The industrial plant includes:

• Seed dryer for raw material
• Independent horizontal storage warehouses and silos
• Chemical cotton seed delinting system
• Seed cleaning systems
• Gravity separators
• Seed treatment system
• Automated bagging system
• Automated palletising system
• Finished product storage facilities
• Special controlled condition ‘cool room’ storage facilities
• Independent dedicated alfalfa cleaning line

Services provided by the company to its clients:

1. Chemical cotton seed delinting with dilute sulphuric acid method and a centrifugal system
2. Chemical cotton seed delinting for small quantities of genetic material
3. Seed cleaning and grading
4. Seed treatment using a fully automated system
5. Packaging – Subpackaging – Repackaging of seeds
6. Storing seeds under controlled humidity and temperature conditions (Cool Room) with a capacity of 300 tons

The implementation of the ISO 9001:2015 standard is an integral part of seed processing procedures.

The ESTA standard, concerning seed treatment and sound agrochemical management, is also implemented, to minimise environmental impact and guarantee personnel safety.

BIOS AGROSYSTEMS SA is the first company in Europe to apply this standard for the production of certified cotton planting seed.